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13 November 2012

In 2005 Electrical Regulations became part of the Building Regulations called Part P making certain types of electrical work in domestic premises illegal unless completed to Part P. Regulations. Part P requires all notifiable Electrical work to be completed by a Part P approved Company, or be notified to Building Control before being completed by a non registered person or Company. A Part P approved contractor can complete any work and does not have to inform Building Control before undertaking the work, they inform them through their approved scheme within a time limit. For information on what is notifiable work and Part P laws, please see below.
By law it is the responsibility of the house owner or Landlord to prove the installation has been completed to the Building Regulations, or they will be committing a criminal offence. Local Authorities can make Landlords or house owners, change or take out any work that does not comply to the Building Regulations. If you are doing notifiable work yourself or employing a non Part P registered Company to do it, you must inform Building Control of your local Council before you start the work. On completion of the work it will be tested and inspected and certificated by an approved Part P Contractor.
All electrical work completed must be certificated on completion, and the person ordering the work must receive a copy of the certificate. Different types of certificate have different amounts of pages, if pages are missing or it is not signed by the contractor and or tester, it becomes null and void. Please see below for details of different types of certificates.
Types of certificates
There are many types of electrical certificate for different situations but the main ones are below.
Electrical Installation Condition Report minimum of 8 pages
Installation certificate minimum of 4 pages
Minor works certificate minimum of 1 page
If anyone completes notifiable electrical work and does not notify Building Control, or employs someone to do it for them illegally, the owner or Landlord can be fined around 5000.00. SCN Electricals Limited are a member of a Part P scheme called NAPIT, ( The National Association of Professional Testers & Inspectors ). For details of all Part P schemes please see below.
British Standards Institution

Your Safety is at risk if you do not have your property tested and inspected at regular intervals more details on request.