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13 November 2012

We at SCN Electricals Limited like to be totally honest, and give information that will help you in anyway we can. We want to help you to save money on your electric bills, and service costs, but mainly help you to remain safe at all times. There is no other way of saying this other than saying it as it is, Electricity can KILL OR INJURE & CAUSE FIRES anywhere at anytime, and should be treated with the utmost respect. The best way is to leave all electrical work to the professionals. We are trained to do the job and leave it in a safe condition, and we have the equipment to know if it has been done correctly.
DIY electrical work & unqualified electricians
If you are an unqualified electrician doing DIY electrical work , be very aware you could be putting your life and others at risk. Just because that light or the cooker works ok, does not mean you have installed it correctly and its safe. Qualified electricians do not just connect a few wires together and hope things work correctly and safely, we have sat exams and gained experience in our trade. We have test equipment, experience and technical data, we check to make sure things are within safe working requirements.
You could be braking the law by doing certain types of electrical work in a domestic premises, as it is now an offence to complete electrical work in the home, if it does not conform to Part P of the Building Regulations. Please read our advice page for details on this, as this might stop you from being fined thousands of pounds. We are not wanting to frighten anyone, we just want you to know how dangerous electricity is and the regulations.
Electrical problems & faults
Do you have lights that keep blowing bulbs
Do you have plugs, lights or appliances that work intermittently
Are you receiving shocks from metal work or cables
Do you use or have exterior electrical equipment not supplied from an RCD
Are all your plugs supplied from an RCD they should be
Is your fuse box or consumer unit hanging off the wall
Is there funny noises coming from your electrics or consumer unit
Is your bathroom light the correct type for that location
bulletAre your bathroom appliances installed in safe zones they should be
bulletIs there any cracked or broken switches or plugs
bulletCan you see cables hanging out of light fittings or appliances
bulletDo you or have you smelt a burning smell from electrical equipment or accessories

These are just a few types of electrical faults you could have,

if you have any of these problems, you should call an electrician

to have the installation checked as soon as possible.

Please Contact us for further help and guidance


Your Safety is at risk if you do not have your property tested and inspected at regular intervals more details on request.