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Web Site last Updated

13 November 2012

Down lighters are becoming increasing popular in Kitchens and Bathrooms we can offer these in a range of finishes and patterns please Contact us to discuss your requirements. SCN Electricals only ever install fire rated down lighters and if required in bathrooms these will be IP56 rated as well to ensure your safety. Don't forget if down lighters are being fitted in a Kitchen or bathroom this work will need to  be notified under Part P of the building regulations. SCN Electricals Ltd being members of NAPIT are able to do this for you.

Functional testing of Down lighters prior to inserting in to ceiling The holes having already been cut. SCN Electricals Limited only ever install Fire Rated

Down lighters.


The Down lighters pictured above are mains voltage IP56 and Fire Rated as well suitable for bathrooms




Your Safety is at risk if you do not have your property tested and inspected at regular intervals more details on request.