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13 November 2012


When SCN Electricals Limited complete a periodic test & inspection, we always take photographic evidence. This is so all our clients have proof of faults we find, and the photo's we take may help them in any legal dispute.

There can be many reasons why a client needs photographic evidence with a report, below are a few. With this free service you will have all the proof you need, if you need to make a claim against a tenant, or make an insurance claim.
What Photographic proof will do for you
Proof of faults found during a Electrical Installation Condition Report
Making a claim against a tenant due to damage, evidence will help you
Claim against an electrical contractor due to bad workmanship
To point out dangers within an installation
Insurance claims
Evidence of alterations or additions to an installation
Claims against you due to injury, our proof may help you
To achieve a better price while buying or selling a property

Most electrical companies give written reports without photographic evidence, you then have to take their word on any faults found. With this free service, you will know the faults we found were there, as you will have the photographic evidence to prove it.

Please Contact us for further Information.



Your Safety is at risk if you do not have your property tested and inspected at regular intervals more details on request.